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“I Was Getting Eaten Alive By Mosquitoes Until A Friend Told Me About This New Anti-Mosquito Light. I Haven’t Been Bitten Once Since I Turned It On.”

By James Norman

It also has a really cool design. You turn it on and off by turning the top, and it makes a heavy, satisfying click whenever you turn it on or off.

I noticed it uses a lithium battery in the center to power the coils to attract and zap the mosquitoes and create the UV frequency that lures them in, and the battery lasts for over 14 hours. It can also be charged with any USB charging device. Perfect for taking with you on the road.


Moment of truth…. The mosquitoes were already out in force, so I turned it on and set it on the fence – away from me and at the far end of my pool area.

What happened next is extraordinary. Within a matter of minutes, there were no more mosquitoes bothering me. I couldn’t believe it. I poured myself a glass of wine and just waited… nothing but peace and quiet. No buzzing in my ear, no itching my neck, no swatting my arms. Just peace and quiet. It worked. I went inside without a single bite (and haven’t had one since I started using it).


ADVANCED UV TECHNOLOGY2022 New Mosquito Killer incorporates proprietary UV technology that attracts 5x more mosquitoes than any other device on the market.

UP TO 180 METERS COVERAGEFrom back porches to living rooms, to gardens and lakeside camping spots, 2022 New Mosquito Killer keeps you, your family and friends protected from pesky mosquito bites.

SUPER-SIMPLE TO USEJust plug it into recharge and take it anywhere, and it will instantly begin trapping mosquitoes so they no longer give you any trouble.

STURDY, COMPACT DESIGNThis thing discreetly sits in any corner of the room blending into the environment, and is compact and light enough to take on any camping trip without weighing you down.

HOURS OF WIRELESS POWERDespite its amazing effectiveness at eradicating mosquitoes from large areas, it’s incredibly energy efficient and can run for up to 14 hours without being plugged in.

AMAZING VALUEYou will be so happy with 2022 New Mosquito Killer you’ll want to order two or three to give to friends and family members who suffer with mosquito problems. And with such a great price, you’ll be able to afford them easily.

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