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Durashape- men’s shapewear t-shirt is revolutionary shapewear for men that expertly conceals extra pounds on your stomach, back, and waist, making you appear lean and toned.

Looks just like an ordinary vest but is composed of extraordinary stretchable nylon and spandex that reduces twice your upper body size. It tucks in the extra skin, straightens your back and gives a sculpted shape to your midriff and chest. 

This cheat vest will give you the confidence plus the comfort that you have been craving.


[Our Size S] Fits Bust: 81cm – 100cm/31.89″ – 39.37″ (Approx.)
[Our Size M] Fits Bust: 101cm – 120cm/39.76″ – 47.24″ (Approx.)
[Our Size L] Fits Bust: 121cm – 140cm/47.64″ – 55.12″ (Approx.)
[Our Size XL] Fits Bust: 141cm – 160cm/55.51″ – 62.99″ (Approx.)
[Our Size XXL] Fits Bust: 161cm – 180cm/63.39″ – 70.87″ (Approx.)


Intelligently Crafted: Durashape- men’s shapewear t-shirt is designed with twelve pressure points on the torso to give you a tighter, flatter and better shape. It stimulates muscular toning in the entire abdomen, bringing out a decent shape.

Excellent Water Absorption: Feels just like any cotton vest, Durashape- men’s shapewear t-shirt won’t make you feel hot even in the summer months. It will, however, absorb sweat if any.

Perfect for Working Out: Durashape- men’s shapewear t-shirt creates pressure on your muscles that adds extra resistance when you work out those abs and back, making your exercises more effective. This will also help you in reaching your workout goals sooner.

Fits Under Your Clothes Perfectly: This slimming vest fits easily on your body and allows you to wear your favorite clothes that you grew out of. Makes you look stunning in every attire.

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