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🕯 Absolutely no mess 🕯
no dripping wax, no smoke, no matches.

🕯 Safety 🕯
Enjoy the ambiance and glow without any need to worry about safety. Can be used in bedrooms, lounges, dens, spa, bathrooms, etc. without any risk of fire.

🕯 Unique 🕯
Absolutely unique tea light sensor water floating candles.

🕯 Reuseable & Decorative 🕯
These Tea Lights Can Be Used As Decorative Candles Ideal For The Festive Season, Weddings, Parties, Candles For Anniversary Decoration, Candle Light Dinner, Candle For Home Decoration Romantic And Special Events.

🕯 Makes The Perfect Gift 🕯
This Set Of 6 sensor tea Light Candle Is An Ideal Present For Various Festivals Such As Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Parties, Bar, Dining Table, Hotels, Candle Light Dinner Decoration Set, Home Decoration, Churches, Temples, Concerts, Holiday Events, Promotional Gifts, Outdoor Activities, Diwali, Thanks Giving, Birthdays Etc. For Your Loved Ones.

🕯 Modern & Romantic 🕯
Fire candles are old now. These LED Candles are Modern and create a Romantic mood in any surrounding. It can be used for Home Decor, Dinner Table, Wedding Decors, and Parties. Also a very good option for gifting.

🕯 Real candle-like feel 🕯
Gives a real candle-like feel. The soft light color makes a warm feel and elegant look.

🕯 More Durable Than Real Candles 🕯
These LED candles come in a pack of 12 with a battery installed they will last at least 70+ hours, this will prevent the hassle of replacing the candle and buying a lot of candles. These LED candles can be an ideal utilization at parties, celebrations.


👉 Pack of 6 👈
6 Floating Tea Candles (batteries included)

🔥 Pack of 12 🔥
12 Floating Tea Candles (batteries included)

⚡ Pack of 24 ⚡
24 Floating Tea Candles(batteries included)

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